We are all pet owners. We understand how stressful it can be when your pet needs to have an operation. Our team will  ensure your pet’s surgical procedure is as stress free and comfortable as possible.


We don't tend to begin our surgical procedures until after 11am and they are done in order of sterility. Our surgical procedures such as sterilisations, stitch ups and lump removals are done first and any dentistry work is done last. We usually ask that pets are fasted from 10pm the night before but young kittens and pups can be fed six hours before surgery. We never fast rabbits before surgery. 


Admission for surgery is between 8.30-10.00am. On arrival, one of our friendly veterinary nurses will go through an anaesthetic consent form with you and ask you a series of questions regarding your pets health. Once you leave, a veterinarian will perform a health check by taking your pet’s vital signs to determine their health condition before surgery. We have the facilities to perform a preanaesthetic blood test for total peace of mind.

Once anaesthetised, a trained nurse will monitor your pet through the use of specialised equipment. This equipment monitors your pet’s heart rate, oxygen saturation level, respiratory rate and temperature.


Pick up times will vary depending on the procedure undertaken on your pet and their recovery time. Pick up times often fall between 3.30 and 6pm.

On discharge one of our veterinarians or veterinary nurses will explain all the aftercare information you will need to care for your pet at home.

COVID-19 Update 

In order to provide the best quality care to you and your pet during the COVID-19 we have made some changes to the way we welcome you to the clinic. Up to date information regarding these changes can be found HERE